Commenting Guidelines

Hellooo  everyone. As you know i created fire and water but enough of that. These are my commenting guidelines.

This post is for Challenge 4 in the September 2010 challenge.

Commenting Guidelines

  1. I’m just going this for fun so I can take constructive criticism
  2. Be free say what you like; speak your mind
  3. Don’t talk badly about other peoples blogs
  4. Please use understandable language

If you were to visit Nevada

This post is for challenge #3 of the student blogging challenge.I would recommend going to Hoover Dam. This is because in my opinion the best place in the state of Nevada to go. In the middle of the area there’s these pole like structures that have the time for each zone in the world. Also, if  you look down where the Dam is, you’ll see the water and the electric system that are hooked to some electrical wires up on the mountains. Its absolutely astronomical. Hoover_Dam_panorama_from_Arizona